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    The Product Clean did the trick.  Many Thanks!!  I'm on my way!


     I made the modifications but still have the same blank white screen.  It takes a full minute for that to happen.  I have a 2011 machine, I hope it's not too old. 

  I attached the swift demo file.  I appreciate the assistance!


  I started chapter 3 and entered the code:
var myString: String = "Swift"
      self.lblDemo.text = myString”

( The first of trying any code for this book)

  I ran the simulator and it went black, a couple min later it went white.  No text shows up.

I did read through issues on some of the other books and found. An issue with the Storyboard not being tied to the project.
Following along the same line..
 I had ( main.storyboard ) in the swift demo.
Tried changing it to (StoryBoard.storyboard) then (mainStoryBoard.storyboard) no difference.  I took a shot and it didn't work.

I haven't found any other references on the web to try. I hit a wall trying to figure out this one.

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