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What app(s) did you build already?

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I'm just curious here, beginner and non-beginner, did you already build an app by yourself following those books?
If yes, is it on the app store to check it?
If not, do you have iOS simulator print screen?

Enjoy 2014!


I have created a my app with 60% with the material of the book and some help with Mr. McNiech.
And with allot of different searches and Books that I have bought.
THANKS TO vol 2 and vol 3 was an incredible start to getting me going.
You can not build apps till you understand the basics, and all 3 books are an incredible building blocks to getting you well underway.
They have been designed for people who want to learn Objective C and cocoa. I highly recommend all 3 books for any beginner.

Thank you for your message.  yes, I have all the 3 books too!
I loved the first one and the second one... i started a few months ago and had some life events that made me put computer on the side but since the last 3 weeks, I'm back on it too!  I finished the first book again and I just finished the second book tonight!

Unfortunately... I believe I didn't practice enough or maybe got lost on the way because the last few chapters were very hard to follow...
I might have to read it again, check my notes.
I would love to start practicing on Xcode but.... when I arrive on Xcode, in front of my white paper page.... I dont know where to start and what to write.... (frustration)

Also, the app I would like to develop needs a LogIn/Password system.... a friend told me it is far too advanced as a first time project...
I dont know what to do....

Anyway.....  I will attack the 3rd book and jump back into the second one very often.  I'm still very proud I finished all those books since English isn't even my first language and I have NO programming experience (just all the code academy course finished at 100% started 2 months ago!  helped me a lot to understand the .property of Objective-C)


--- Quote from: hcri50 on January 03, 2014, 01:15:05 AM ---...And with allot of different searches and Books that I have bought...

--- End quote ---

What other ressources/books do you own?
I would like to find great iBooks since they get updates and for iOS/Xcode its really important to be on top!

I also got iOS 7 Development Essentials, by Neil Smyth,
Objective C Boot Camp, by Rich Warren
Xcode 4 iOS development by Steven F. Daniel
Beginning iOS StoryBoard,
Objective C 2.0 Esentials, Neil Smith
Objective C for Absolute Beginners, Gary Bennett

All very Objective C books.
Please keep in mind that I had already purchase these books previous before I started reading the books from Mr. McNeish. And it did not make much sense to me. Till I started reading his books. Then when I went back to these books, that it finally sunk in.
And most of all, it means spending time and I mean SPENDING TIME, in programming till you will start learning on how it works.
I AM VERY GRATEFUL for Mr. McNeish for his series of books. And I will be a faithful follower for all future books. This gentleman understands transferring of knowledge for a beginner. While most all books in general don't. I hope that helped.
As for my first App. I am right now about 2 to 3 weeks away for submitting my app.
I thought that I was finished about a few weeks ago, and I am in the process of rewriting my code. I have made major changes to my code and have gotten away from Segues to Calling up UIView Controllers by StoryBoard ID's. For Segues are OK if you do not have many UIView Controllers, but I have over a hundred and it makes for a messy way of handing UIViews.
Besides many more enhancements which I have made.
If you have not bought his series, I strongly recommend to start here first,


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