Author Topic: Unleash Your Inner App Developer Part 6: Finishing the Prototype  (Read 4917 times)


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I am going thru the tutorial, which I have found very informative. One problem I have run into is that the X-code version I am using is v5.1 which has caused some issues in following your tutorial. I have sorted them out until I reached Part 6. In creating the Settings table view, you make reference to changing the "header", above the login area. Apparently V5.1 differs in its layout; I have not been able to find a Header section under the "Table View" section. I am stuck.

Thanks much for your tutorial. Had no idea Apps could be created this way.


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Re: Unleash Your Inner App Developer Part 6: Finishing the Prototype
« Reply #1 on: March 20, 2014, 08:56:43 AM »
Ah, you're talking about my iPhone Life blog, not the book series!

Yes, the iPhone Life blog was started with Xcode 4.6, which is a bit different from Xcode 5.x.

Are you asking about setting the "Log in using email and password" header text? If so, you just need to make sure you have selected the Table View Section (not the table view itself or the table view cells). It may be easier to select the Table View Section in the Document Outline pane. To see this pane, just select Editor > Show Document Outline from the menu. Once you select the Table View Section, you will see the Header attribute in the Attributes Inspector.

All the best!