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Best way to learn Swift....


Hi all (and Kevin)...
As a long time VFP dev i know Kevins excellent stuff from the past. After some years using some other languages (Magic and an other 4GL language) as my main tool i'm willing to try out App programming in Swift.
I tried to find the best way to learn this. I'm not familiar with Objective-C and C based languages because most of the 4GL languages are not really based on this.
Now i have an idea to develop an App for iPhone and Mac and decided to go with Swift.
My question is... Based on Kevins (your) Books and learning series what do you think ist the best way to learn iOS / Mac development using Swift ?
Are there also some Online-Training-Videos /series that you can recommend ?

I recommend starting with Book 1 in the series and then jumping to Book 4 on Swift. We're in the process of converting Book 3 to Swift and Xcode 6, so I recommend reading through Book 3 which contains much information on creating iOS apps with Xcode, including Core Data, app architecture, table views, and so on. Also, if you check my Twitter account, you'll see I'm getting ready to offer some online training for iOS apps and Apple Watch.

All the best!

Hello Kevin, any update on the progress of book 3?

Just finished the longest chapter on table views (90 pages) where some things have changed substantially since Xcode 5, and now updating a few more smaller chapters...looks like a few more weeks.

All the best!


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