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Which Book Do I Start With?


Hi there!

I have recently been accepted into this forum for which I am very grateful :). I want to start learning how to develop iOS apps using Swift, but because the book 'Master Xcode 7 & Swift' comes after 'Flying With Objective-C', I am now curious whether I should study that first and then learn Swift.

Would it be logical to read the books in this order?
'Learn to Code in Swift'
'Diving Into iOS 9'
'Mastering Xcode7 & Swift'

Then perhaps later, flying with Objective-C? Or will I benefit most reading in the order given? 

Nāzar R.

Edit: I come from an intermediate C++ background  :P


Welcome to the forum! I recommend reading the books in this order:

Diving into iOS 9
Learn to Code in Swift
Mastering Xcode 7 and Swift

It's still useful to learn Objective-C since many online samples are still written in Objective-C and you need to be able to translate them. So I would tackle the Objective-C book last.

All the best!
Kevin McNeish


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